Human Quality

Text to Speech

Powered by AI.


• Scan a book with your camera, have it read out loud.

• Listen to your favorite Books, PDFs, and Articles.

• Crush emails on your laptop at 2-3x normal reading speed. And catch all spelling mistakes.

"It's been five minutes but I think I love you"

"I have tears in my eyes. This is beautiful!!!! I'm so proud of you!!! This makes me so hopeful and happy about the future. There are so many tears and battle(S) I fought to get fair access to a good Education. An app like this will be so helpful! Especially for those who may not be able to afford thousands of dollars for other programs. God Bless you!!!"

Shari Opal

“I am literally going to start crying at how profoundly amazing and revolutionary this is for me…”

Chandler Browne

“I love Speechify, I use it when I edit a paper. It helps me make sure a sentence makes sense, if there is an “’s” or an “ed”, and if a [sentence] is unnecessary I’ll get rid of it”

Kiera Murphy

"My issue with reading normally is that I get distracted mid sentence… When you read, you have a voice in your head saying the sentence. Speechify is a voice that never loses focus like my mind's voice does. I'm worried I'm gonna get addicted to this. It's like a superpower."

“... brilliant I am sight impaired and have to try and read articles etc using a magnifying glass, which makes my eyes sores. Being able to listen to the article is so helpful to me thank you. 5 stars”

“... suffer from A.D.D. and between this app and Audiobooks I have never felt more empowered… please know you made a real difference in my life…”

“Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!!! My 8 year old is in the process of being officially diagnosed with dyslexia. We have struggled with reading and homework since kindergarten. This is going to be a life changing resource for us!!! I'm hoping to have it worked into his IEP…”

Crissy Cosby Howell

"Thank you, thank you, thank you. I am literally crying. My nine year old daughter has Dyslexia and it has been very frustrating to find things that will help her. This will be transformative for her to read and research independently for reports in the fourth grade."

Mom of dyslexic daughter Sara Mattia

“Some of [the students lose] interest because they get lost on the page, but if it’s read out to them at a rate where they are focused because the rate of the listening is keeping up with how their mind is working it just helps them”

Martha Richardson, teacher.

"Combined with my airpods this saved my life by saving me hours a week. thank you!"

High School student With Dyslexia

“Before Speechify I didn’t read or anything. I just struggled. Speechify is a godsend I use it to scan my history textbook and then I just let it play on my phone while I read along in the book and annotate.”

High School student With Dyslexia

"Anything that's like a history book or an english book? It's great. Helps me get through it like 3X faster"

College student with Dyslexia

"When I started grad school this year, I realized I needed a tool to help get through my reading… Speechify is saving my life! I'm doing my reading in half the time l would normally, and I am comprehending much more. Now, I even have time to spend with friends, which is great for school-work- life balance. The HD voice is honestly a HUGE improvement. THANK YOU!!”

Grad Student. Emily

“I'm in a very intense summer masters program that I have to travel 30 min+ to and from each day so… I listen to my required readings while commuting and then later in the evening if needed. For ME... reading has always been painful and avoided... now | look forward to listening/ reading… it's a JOY to read material like everyone else in higher ed. FUN comes to mind.”

“...The fact that I have got back to studying after almost a decade, [then] no focus or concentration to read physical books anymore. With exams nearing… it just suddenly occurred to me that I can always… have someone read it out for me, and boy, was it amazing!! ... thank you Speechify... the entire credit goes to the team if I clear my exams ... lol... on a serious note, one of the best inventions I must say.”

Cutting-edge Optical Character Recognition (OCR)

Just take a picture.

 Listen in Cliff’s Voice

Take pictures of your textbook, novel, or any physical text, and Speechify will read it to you in high-quality, natural-sounding voices using AI-based text to speech.

Are you tired of monotone computer voices?

Try our Natural Voices.

Using Artificial Intelligence, Speechify generates natural, human-quality voices to help you speed-read your books while retaining information better than ever before.

 Listen in Cliff’s Voice

 Listen in Simeon’s Voice

 Listen in Anna’s Voice

Do you sometimes struggle to focus on readings?

Speechify helps you focus on what you want to read.

 Listen in Cliff’s Voice

Whether you are a productivity lover, have dyslexia, ADHD, or a concussion, with Speechify, reading is never a barrier. You can set your reading speed from 100WPM for maximum comprehension, or dial it up to 700WPM for speed reading.

Are you too busy to read your favorite stories?

Speechify helps you read anywhere and save time.

 Listen in Cliff’s Voice

On the drive to work, while cooking dinner, or while working out: Speechify allows you to read in the background, while you stay focused on the task at hand.

Do your readings come in all forms and sizes?

Read any document of any size. With your ears.

Listen in Cliff’s Voice

From PDFs, to Websites, to the clipboard, Speechify’s text to speech engine can tackle everything you’ll ever read. Speechify handles the speech synthesis. And you can focus on engaging with your readings.