These Apps are a Must for the Audio Nerd in You

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These Apps are a Must for the Audio Nerd in You

At Speechify, all of our team love listening. If you are also an audio lover, you are going to fall for our tree favorites audio apps:

1. Breaker.Audio is the Goodreads of Podcasts

Sure, maybe you use Goodreads to catch up with what your friends have been reading, Letterbox to write a scathing review of that movie you saw last week, Pocket for articles, and Spotify for music. But what about podcasts?

As podcasts flourish, apps like Overcast, or Castro continue to impress with their design and functionality, yet they remain void of the ability for users to discuss, debate, and connect with others enthusiasts about the thriving medium. Basically, they lack a social network., is an app that tackles the urgency for podcasters to indulge in a social network, the same way that many of us get to enjoy with books, film, and music, by creating a podcast platform that implements community — while maintaining a stunning, minimalist UX. could be just the change you and your fellow podcasters are looking for.

A key feature over a lot of the other apps on the market is that pulls in your social graph to show you what other people listen and subscribe to — leave comments, like episodes, follow other users, and create an ecosystem that is, essentially, all things podcast.

Go ahead and download Breaker for free on the App Store today!


2. Listen to your favorite audiobooks with Libro.FM

For those of us who are often reprimanded for choosing the luxury of physical books over completing daily chores, audiobooks can be a practical solution for your favorite hobby. Continue to indulge, whilst actually getting to the gym, or finishing house chores. has created a new online platform that allows independent bookstores to offer digital audiobooks to their customers through free cobranded online storefronts. With you can choose from over 90,000 audiobooks.

Get your first month of membership for just $0.99 for $14.99 every month, you get one credit per month to purchase any audiobook and credits never expire. That means books that are usually $30 + are only fifteen dollars, and extra books are only 99 cents? Enjoy the superior experience, an independent, and cheap alternative for you audiobook lovers.

What’s more? Do you work at an independent bookstore? will give you free audiobooks each month (Fire & Fury, Woman in the window, Wife Between Us just to name a few of the best sellers that have been offered to those in the book industry). Either way, Libro is a cheap option for audiobook listeners, without compromising on design or audio quality.

3. Spreaker is the Future of Internet Radio

Are you looking for an online radio show recording program to promote your brand?

The Spreaker service — much like Soundcloud and Audioboom — has so far offered a two-stage dynamic. Podcasters can use the website or a mobile app to record a podcast, and upload the results to the service’s hosting, where they might pay a subscription or get a limited amount of space for free where listeners can stream or download content at their leisure.

Broadcast live from exciting events happening near you. Share your original music with the world. Express yourself and share your passions. Start an audio blog. Broadcast play-by-plays from sports events. Get your project started for a ridiculously cheap price.


Of course, our favorite apps is Speechify! Take a look at our website and find out how our app can help you listen faster to anything, everywhere you go.


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