7 People With Dyslexia Who Are Extremely Successful

By January 25, 2018Dyslexia

7 People With Dyslexia Who Are Extremely Successful

Sure, famous people seem to have it all, but for some of them, things weren’t always a walk in the park.

And yet, despite the ridicule, they often suffered in school, in social situations, and sometimes at home, they had the inner strength to persevere. What follows is a list of success stories who didn’t let a little reading difficulty compromise on their innovative masterminds.

1. Ikea’s name comes from its founder’s dyslexia

Ikea is actually an acronym of founder Ingvar Kamprad’s initials, Elmtaryd, the farm where he grew up, and the nearby village of Agunnyard. He picked Swedish-sounding names for all the products so that he wouldn’t have to remember strings of letters and numbers.


2. Reading difficulty didn’t stop Tommy Hilfiger from designing popular clothing

Hilfiger said, “I performed poorly at school, when I attended, that is, and was perceived as stupid because of my dyslexia. I still have trouble reading. I have to concentrate very hard at going left to right, left to right, otherwise my eye just wanders to the bottom of the page.”.


3. John Chambers overcame his dyslexia with an optimistic attitude

The CEO of Cisco said he wishes he had made his struggles with reading more public. “You consider it a weakness and you don’t share your weaknesses. And you don’t realize that it helps others who have this issue, and also your family.”


4. Oscar Winning director, Steven Spielberg, has Severe Dyslexia

Indiana Jones, E.T., Saving Private Ryan, and Jurassic Park are just a few of the movies that legendary filmmaker Steven Spielberg is responsible for. “You are not alone, and while you will have dyslexia for the rest of your life, you can dart between the raindrops to get where you want to go. It will not hold you back.”

6. Whoopi Goldberg was the first woman to be honored with the prestigious Mark Twain Prize for American Humor (and she has Dyslexia)

Academy Award-winning actress, comedian, radio host, and television personality knows what it’s like to have difficulty reading as she has suffered from dyslexia since childhood. Whoopi Goldberg says that she was called “dumb” when she was younger but that she knew better than to believe that.


7. Tim Tebow struggled with reading his whole life

Famed football quarterback Tim Tebow struggles dyslexia. As you can imagine, reading a playbook can be difficult for someone with this disorder. Tebow says he often makes flashcards to help him learn.

At Speechify, our founder is also dyslexic. Want to know more about his story? Take a look at Speechify’s story.

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