How Speechify Can Improve Your Reading

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How Speechify Can Improve Your Reading


Talking is easy; reading isn’t. Coping with dyslexia in college, Cliff Weitzman created an app that can scan any text and read it to you at your comfortable paceHere are just a few ways that Speechify can help you improve your productivity :

Get the most out of your morning routine

Make your ten minute walk to Econ 101 a constructive part of your day. Make cooking your morning breakfast a productive thing. Don’t miss the latest article from your favorite New York Times sections just because you simply “didn’t have the time”. Let a little technology make life a lot easier. With Speechify, learning isn’t limited by mundane chores; rather, continue to learn or study while you mop the floors.

Cut your reading time in half

Back in the stone age people would have to allot tens of hours to finish a book. With Speechify you can accelerate your reading by toggling your reading speed to 800 words per minute. If you’re a fast reader, you can listen to an article at 2x the speed. If you’re a slow reader you can listen at a regular pace that allows you to coherently digest the information without interruptions. Either way your reading time is sped up tremendously.

Improve your own reading, by listening

Speechify isn’t just an easy shortcut, because it’s actually helping you improve your writing and reading skills. By listening to a text uninterrupted, you improve your own ability to do so yourself. Listening to your text has the potential to improve your vocabulary, grammar, and focus. Kill two birds with one stone: improve your own reading, by letting your phone do the hard work.

Save (more than) a few bucks

As if receiving a good education isn’t expensive enough, those of us who struggle with reading often spend twice the money just trying to keep up. Audiobooks, tutors, and other resources are pricey. Any avid tape listener will tell you books on tape can cost up to hundreds of dollars a month.With Speechify anything can be your audiobook. Save yourself money and time by choosing what you want read, and in the voice you want it read in.

For over 40 million American adults, writing is still a drag, reading is a burden, and winning the school spelling bee never seemed like a possibility. Speechify lets you take advantage of all the written material out there by letting you listen to it in half the time.


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