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Tips And Tools To Improve Working From HomeAh yes, working from home. Many have done it: responding to emails in a fuzzy robe, rolling out of bed to take a call, finishing up a presentation while boiling some pasta. Google chat, Trello, Slack, Basecamp — all at the convenience of your own home.

And yet, while working from home can save you loads of money, it has its drawbacks. Research has found working from home can leave employees feeling lonely, unhealthy, and unproductive. So, here are a few tips and tools to get you back in the zone:

Don’t work where you sleep

Like church and state, separate the bedroom and the office. This could mean heading out to a coffee shop, library, or setting up a personal work space in your home.

Services like ShareDeskWeWork or Croissant help you rent an office space and sit among freelancers and other professionals, giving you a chance to meet new people will working under a more conventional work space.

Put on some pants

No, you don’t have to wear a suit.

However, getting dressed to prepare for the day can optimize your potential for the day. This means taking the time out of your morning to shower, eat breakfast, and get dressed. This can help set the tempo for the day, and give the you the stability of a morning routine.

Make to-do lists

Understand what you want to accomplish each day to stop yourself from burning out. Make sure your to-do list for the day includes goals that are clear, precise, obtainable, feasible and time-bound.

Those who work from home have lauded Pomodoro productivity technique as an effective way to tackle both big and small projects, by helping you stay focused for 25-minute intervals with 5-minute breaks in between. Or, try The TomatoTimer as an alternative trick. This simpler and cheaper option that can help you get started and stay focused.

“Go home” at the end of the day

Most people get to go home after a long day of work. You’re already home.

Maintaining a work-life balance is crucial to keeping a healthy mind, and increasing productivity during “office” hours. So, at the end of the day log off, and say goodbye to your “office,” and enter home mode.

Tools like Timesheet, and Inboxwhenready, can help you set boundaries between your work and personal life.

More than 10 percent of U.S. employees now regularly work from home. As the number of people working from increases, make sure you are implementing the right tools and strategies to stay productive and healthy.


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